Sunday August 25th

2-4 pm

Winona Grange

8340 SW Seneca St, Tualatin, Oregon 97062

Inspired by the recent Peter Luongo Experience performance, our very own Timark has offered to lead a blues ensemble workshop this week! There is no cost for participation – all that is required is a willingness to try! Here’s how he describes it: 

“We’re going to go slow!! We’ll learn/review the song format/lyrics with the little C and F walking parts which Peter showed us. This is quick to learn for anyone not at Peter’s event.

We’ll progress to the turn-around and unpack it slowly in stages until everyone is comfortable. We’ll then add the boogie bass line. We’ll introduce the riff as the last element and send the advanced boogie strum home as a homework assignment following a brief demo. If we can manage to fold it in to the whole piece, awesome!

Here are links to each element on Stuart Fuch’s site if people want to work on things ahead of time and I would encourage that: the closer we are to having a smooth groove right out of the gate, the faster we are to an ensemble experience. Each of these “ditties” are a stand alone with their own endings; we’re going to play just enough of each one to get us to the turn-around chord. The TAB can be intimidating, Stuart is huge on aural learning; listen and watch, then read for support.
Riff video:

Bass line:

advanced boogie strum:

Download this week’s songs HERE

Flashmob Update

The Flashmob event for “Just the way you are” has been moved to September 1The plan will be for us to walk out of the Grange and sing this song to the Tualatin lake and whoever is trapped there. Muahahaha

You can see the practice video for this song here: You can see what this looked like in SF last month: