Sunday, March 13th from 2-3 Pacific Time on Zoom (see link below)

Who’s Hosting This Sunday’s Virtual Jam? 

This week’s jam is hosted by Karen Chow and Geralyn Schultz. This is Geralyn’s first time leading our jam!

About Geralyn: My childhood, college years, and 10 years of professional life centered on playing classical music.  I played piano for fun and earned a living playing cello.  That was many years ago and I don’t play much classical right now.  I envision playing cello in an orchestra again when I retire.  These days I’m having fun playing older popular tunes on the ukulele and singing.  As a children’s librarian, I also play ukulele at storytime.  (I love that two little girls get out their toy ukuleles and jam with me when we sing!  Totally adorable.)

About Karen: Karen is a long time music enthusiast and recently founded Mahalo Music Mag, a blog to help people find their “sound” through creative expression with music. She is also a writer for Oregon Forestry Consulting.

Songs for March 13th

Download songs here:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1obqmnIlH9dS0E4Dx4yvd_NlTDx37kJRn?mc_cid=a930b95f4e&mc_eid=0c9b01c7a2

Anyone who is interested in doing a solo is welcome to! Please indicate your interest in the chat when you sign in so that we can get a count. We might not be able to get to everyone but would love to give you a chance to play in front of other people if we can. 

How to Join
Open this Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84656054596?pwd=MVlYeDlLYUpBNHNJb3ptalp3WmN6UT09
Meeting ID: 846 5605 4596
Passcode: 130069

Helpful Zoom Tips

  1. Zoom is like a video chat with multiple people. Just click the link, and then it will prompt you to download the software. You can run it on your computer, but you can use it on your phone too. It will be difficult to have everyone playing altogether because of latency, so the leader will mute everyone during the song so you’ll hear just the leader singing and playing, and then we’ll unmute between songs so that we can chat.
  2. Have your music book available on a different device than you’re using for the Zoom (for example, Zoom on your computer or phone, and music on your tablet).”See” you Sunday!

We can only have 100 people on at a time, first come first served.