Song Circle Starting on the 4th Sunday

Dana Carter and Maurecio Delute are planning to lead a Song Circle on Sunday, February 23rd at 2:00 pm (Winona Grange). All singers are welcome.  All instruments (flute, guitar, uke, drum, etc…) are welcome. If you do need to amplify your instrument please do not overpower the singers. 

A songbook will need to be created. The songbook will allow participants to chose a song to be sung. The person choosing a song does not have to lead, just sing .

Everyone is welcome to bring a song to be sung. Please bring 20 copies of the song to share with the group.

If you can send us a copy of the song please forward the copy to curlupndye (at) (Dana) or glickoram (at) (Maurecio). If you don’t have a copy but would like to add a song,  please send us an email with the song title.

Remember, this is a song circle. Singing is emphasized over playing.

Hope to see you there!!

Andrew Molina is Coming!

This week I announced that Andrew Molina will by making a stop here on his way out east for his 3rd album tour. His concert will be 2 hours of jaw-dropping ukulele solos that you will not want to miss.

The concert is on April 19th, Sunday, at 6pm. You can grab your tickets here.

Andrew is not making any other west-coast stops so we are really lucky to have him. Help me spread the word so we can fill the room.

Question: If Andrew led our jam that day, would you be excited to come?

This Week’s Songs

You can download this week’s songs HERE

Listen to this week’s songs on Spotify HERE