The Coronovirus (COVID-19) and what we are doing to help limit its impact

Our main job is to bring people together to make music. And in doing so we have a very good time! We want to continue to do this safely, and we want you to know that we are doing our best to reduce risk to you around the emerging corona virus.

There are three facts that have contributed to our decision to suspend events until April 19th.

  1. In the initial stages, documented cases of COVID-19 seem to increase exponentially 
  2. This disease is deadlier than the flu, especially for people over 60 years old
  3. Only one measure has been effective against the coronavirus: extreme social distancing

These three facts imply a simple conclusion. The coronavirus could spread with frightening rapidity until serious forms of social distancing are adopted. Our community is among the highest risk populations facing this virus. 

Unless you hear otherwise, the next time we meet will be when Andrew Molina leads our jam session on Sunday, April 19th before his concert that night.

Hopefully, by then, things will be looking better.