On Saturday, Lily and I went to the Zoo for a concert. They have some amazing artists coming up this usmmer. We saw the 90s favorite, The Violent Femmes – here is one of their more popular songs “American Music“. The drummer took a solo on a BBQ! (don’t worry, it wasn’t lit)

What was really cool was listening and dancing, then glancing over to the elephants playing right next to the stage. They are really cute!

You can check out the rest of the Oregon Zoo’s summer series HERE.

Last Sunday we introduced the new format and people really enjoyed it. There was more time to socialize and people made new friends, learned some new skills to practice and we train-wrecked a bunch of other songs (oh well).

You can see my new 13-week Ukestration plan HERE

Note: there may be songs you don’t know in this list. What a great opportunity to explore new music! If you don’t know a song or two from the list, take some time between today and Sunday to listen to it, watch the video, and enjoy the exploration.

Songs for June 24th

Download this week’s songs HERE

  • C Major Scale warmup
  • Lookin out my backdoor
  • Stand By Me
  • Come back Kid
  • Sway (3-week project – practice your calypso strum)
  • A Thousand Years
  • James River Blues
  • House of the Rising Sun (4-week¬†Ukestration¬†– remember to really feel that first beat)
  • Cracklin’ Rose
  • Lava
-Open Mic (so bring a song to share)-
  • I Will (Memorize this song! Practice it with your eyes closed)
  • Creep (There’s an interesting picking pattern here)
  • It’s a heartache
  • Modern Love
  • Norwegian Wood (See if you can play the Sitar part)
  • Take it Easy

Ensemble Group

We are pausing Ensemble group for the summer.