As the sole organizer for TUGs, I’ve found that there are some areas that could be better if I had some help. For example, someone asked us to arrange another concert this month, and I had to decline because we already have two, I’m traveling on business, running two software companies and trying to go to the gym ….and so forth and so on. But if we had a Events Coordinator, we could have said yes.

Another example, we could have some really nice YouTube videos of us playing, but I’m not good with filming and have no patience for uploading to YouTube, but someone else could do that for us.

Basically, I just need some help, and it’s about time that TUGs had a proper organizational structure.

So please email me if you are interested in any of the following roles. But first:

  1. I don’t think these roles would take any one person more than 1 hour per week
  2. None of these roles requires that you have to lead the group, they are just behind the scenes (though I’d love more jam leaders!)
  3. I’m open to changing these roles, adding other ones, updating descriptions etc. feedback is always welcome

New Leadership Board Roles

Group President
  • Not necessarily leading the jam, just make sure we have a leader that week
  • Make sure each role is getting done and helping other leaders when needed
  • Pick the strategic direction of the group
  • Represents the group publicly, is our face and voice
Community Manager
  • Keep the Facebook group active and build community
  • Reach out to past members who haven’t participated in a while
  • Arrange potlucks and other social events
  • Research local ukulele events to share with FB group and blog
Event coordinator 
  • Work with venues to arrange concert times and descriptions
  • Recruit players for the concert
  • Put together set lists and work with group leaders to schedule practices
  • Promote the event if needed
  • Keeps the OnSong songbook up to date and clean
  • Update online songbook via Dropbox
  • Song arrangement and possible publication on the website
  • Help absorb newly suggested songs into our songbook
  • Take lots of photos and videos
  • Publish videos on YouTube

If you love TUGs and are excited about getting more involved with any of these roles, please email Joshua.