Sunday September 1st

2-4 pm

Winona Grange, 8340 SW Seneca St, Tualatin, OR 97062

This week we’ll do some classic metal songs from Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, followed with songs from the newer punk and alternative genres.

Connie will be hosting playing Just The Way You Are through the park at 3 pm, so we’ll head out to the lake during our 3 pm break.

Download chord charts here:

Spotify playlist here:

Song List

  1. Adam’s Song – Blink-182
  2. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Green Day
  3. Breaking the Law – Judas Priest
  4. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
  5. Island In The Sun – Weezer
  6. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  7. Mama, I’m Coming Home – Ozzy Osbourne
  8. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
  9. Numb – Linkin Park
  10. Paranoid – Black Sabbath
  11. Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple
  12. Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  13. Zombie – The Cranberries

Then at 3pm, we’ll all march outside to the Tualatin Common’s lake while strumming “Just the Way You are”. (Some people will be picking the tabs)

Once we get to the lake, we’ll start singing the song. When the song is done, we all turn around and walk back to the hall with no explanation to our amazed and delighted audience.

The whole thing will take 15 minutes and will delight all the families (and ducks) enjoying the summer by the lake.

If you would like to participate, we ask that you:

1.            Download the Song:

2.            Watch the practice video:

3.            Please memorize the song as we will not be practicing beforehand and you can’t walk, strum and carry a music stand all at the same time (Applies to all bi-pedal animals in general)