Dana Carter and Maurecio Delute are planning to lead a Song Circle on Sunday February 23rd at 2:00pm (Winona Grange). All singers are welcome.  All instruments (flute, guitar, uke, drum, etc…) are welcome. If you do need to amplify your instrument please do not over power the singers.

There are folders with the songs in the TUG  weekly Dropbox

Please download the songs to your electronic device for viewing.

The Beaverton Song Circle Word document combines all the songs in the Beaverton Song Circle PDF folder .

Dana has a folder of songs for singing.

There are A LOT of songs in the Dropbox.  It  is NOT recommended to print out all the songs. 

There will be a limited number of Beaverton Library song circle handouts available if you are unable to download the songs.

Everyone is welcome to bring a song to be sung. Please bring 20 copies of the song to share with the group.

Remember, this is a song circle. Singing is emphasized over playing.

Hope to see you there.

Dana’s Songs